Chairperson: Susan Varhely, Ph.D.
Email: scvarhel AT adams DOT edu
Telephone: (719) 587-7626    
Professor(s): Don Basse, E.D.D.; Rex Filer, Ph.D.; Mark Manzanares, Ph.D.; Teri McCartney, Ph.D.   
Assoc. Professor(s): Laura Bruneau, Ph.D.    
Asst. Professor(s): Brandon Wilde, Ph.D.   
Instructors: Cheri Meder   

The Department of Counselor Education offers programs in the fields of school and clinical mental health counseling. These programs are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).* The Master of Arts degree in Counseling is a 60-semester-hour program with areas of emphasis in school counseling or clinical mental health counseling. The clinical mental health counseling program meets state academic requirements for those seeking Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) status. The school counseling program meets the academic requirements for those seeking the Colorado K-12 school counselor licensure.

The Counselor Education Program is designed to serve all students interested in a quality education. In particular, it focuses on the needs of students from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds within rural Colorado. The Counselor Education Program provides an excellent educational experience by creating a supportive and challenging environment that integrates personal and professional growth for students. Through the use of research and applied experiential learning, students will develop a solid knowledge base, comprehensive skills, and an ability to self-challenge. The program develops competent counselors who are proactive, ethical, and capable of recognizing and affirming the diversity of people, ideas, and values. They will be persons of integrity who will be advocates for individual and societal growth. They will have the sensitivity, flexibility, and knowledge to serve the needs of diverse populations. They will be capable of developing collaborative relationships with community agencies, organizations, public schools, and families in rural and urban centers.

*Both the community counseling and school counseling tracks are CACREP accredited in all delivery models Adams State University uses (on-campus, off-campus, Online Plus). The 2009 CACREP standards require moving from the community counseling title to the clinical mental health counseling title.


Master of Arts in Counseling

The Master of Arts in Counseling is offered in several settings.

  • On-campus Program: on the Alamosa campus during the regular academic year. Students must enroll in the fall semester to be included in these programs.
  • Off-campus Program: off campus at selected sites. Currently Adams State offers cohorts in Durango, Grand Junction, and Pueblo. The coursework and program requirements are the same as the on-campus program. During most semesters in the program, students will take six credit hours. However, some semesters require taking nine hours. Courses are offered on weekends, evenings, and online. 
  • Online Program: This program is designed to meet the educational needs of those students who are not within driving distance of a counseling program or whose work schedule will not allow physical attendance. Some courses are offered at a specific time during the week through the use of a two-way interactive audio chat. Students can access the two-way interactive audio chat from home. Other online courses are text-based and asynchronous. The online program offers the same course content as the other accredited programs Adams State University offers, only in an online format. Students in the online program will spend one week on the Adams State campus during the two consecutive summers in the program. During these weeks, students will interact with the faculty on campus and further develop their counseling and interpersonal skills, form learning groups, become acquainted with the program and its expectations, and receive tutoring, advising, and intensive supervision.

Counselor Education Program Objectives

Admission Requirements

Additional Program Requirements