After three consecutive years of non-attendance at ASU, an undergraduate student may request academic amnesty for a course or courses in one or more semesters. If a student requests amnesty for a course in a given semester, all courses within that semester with a grade of IF, F, TF or D must be included in the request. The request will be reviewed after the student has completed at least one semester since being readmitted to ASC. The student must complete nine credits and earn a GPA of 2.0 for the requested to be approved.

When the student's request is approved, grades of IF, F, TF and D for the courses from the prior attendance period will be excluded from the student's grade point average. However, the courses will remain on the student's official transcripts designated with a special code for academic amnesty. The courses/grades that are included in the amnesty process will appear on student transcripts and may be used by professional programs in their admissions decisions. Students choosing to apply for academic amnesty should contact the vice president for Academic Affairs.