Students in good academic standing may broaden and deepen their educational experience by auditing courses. Auditing permits a student to attend a course without being required to complete exams and assignments. It is the university's intent, however, that auditing be a serious commitment on the part of the student and not disrupt the student's progress toward a degree. Careful consultation with the student's academic advisor is recommended. Physical education (activity) courses are exempt from auditing.

Music (activity) courses available for auditing purposes require the permission of the instructor. Contact the Department of Music for more information.

A student who wishes to audit a course must mark the NC (No Credit) column for the course on the appropriate registration form or NW when registering via the Web. The registration process must be completed before the end of the add/drop period. An audited course does not carry academic credit, nor does it satisfy any degree or program requirement. Regular tuition and fees will apply. Audited courses are not eligible for the COF tuition stipend or financial aid.

Graduate students may enroll in graduate level courses for no credit with instructor permission only. Regular tuition and fees are assessed and students must indicate their desire for no credit prior to registration. Classes taken for no credit are not eligible for financial aid. Each department sets requirements in addition to the Graduate School requirements. Students are responsible for completion of all degree requirements as specified in this catalog and should acquaint themselves with all requirements before beginning a degree program.