Undergraduate Course Load

The normal course load for undergraduate students is 15 to 17 semester hours. Undergraduate students must maintain at least 12 semester hours to be eligible for full financial aid. Academic full-time status requires enrollment for 12 semester hours during any semester. Tuition surcharges will be assessed on course loads in excess of 20 credit hours.  Students desiring to take more than 20 semester hours per semester must seek permission from the department chair of their major as well as their advisor.

Course Overload Approval Form - Undergraduates

Graduate Course Load

Full-time graduate class load is six hours or more per semester. Maximum enrollment is 15 semester hours during fall and spring semesters. Course load for the summer session is 12 hours during the regular six-week summer session and six hours during the early summer session. Summer limits are exclusive of one-day workshops. Individual departments may have different requirements for summer students. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least three semester hours to be eligible for any financial aid. Course overloads require the approval of the student's academic advisor or department chair and the vice president for Academic Affairs.

Graduate Student Overload Approval Form