Courses numbered 001 through 099 are considered basic skills courses and will not be counted toward the required hours for an Associate of Arts or Science or Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts or Science degree. Students enrolled in basic skills courses will be assessed a surcharge. Courses numbered below 300 constitute the lower division. Courses numbered 300 through 499 constitute the upper division. Course numbering is based on a pattern that places all classes numbered 100-199 in the first year, 200-299 in the second year, 300-399 in the third year, and 400-499 in the fourth year.

Those courses numbered 500 to 799 are graduate courses. Students may take a class numbered more than one year above their class rank with special permission from the department chair and the instructor of the class. Master's level courses are numbered 500 to 699. Doctoral-level classes are designated with numbers 700 to 799.

Special course number suffixes:  

  • X59: selected topics courses offered for study of selected course material taught off campus
  • X69: education issues courses designed for staff development and/or in-service credit with subject matter determined by school district.
  • X79: special topics courses offered periodically to meet student special interest in the field
  • X82: seminar courses in topics taught off campus
  • X89: in-service courses designed for staff development and/or in-service credits taught off campus with subject matter determined by school district needs.
  • X92: workshops or short courses offered on an intermittent basis to meet the needs of special constituents
  • X99: independent study courses (taught on an independent basis through a mutual agreement between an instructor and a student) providing opportunity for individual research/study into problems of special interest in the field.

These courses may not be used to satisfy program requirements without prior approval.