The Adams State Developmental Education Program offers two courses for reading and writing skills and a three-course sequence of math which addresses skills fundamental to college success: READ 090—College Preparatory Reading, ENG 090—College Preparatory Writing, MATH 095—Pre-Algebra Skills, MATH 097—Basic Algebra Skills, and MATH 099—Intermediate Algebra, each of which is a three-hour course. However, as basic-skills courses, these hours may not be applied to a college degree.

Placement in developmental courses is determined by ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER and alternative test scores, as well as course completion transferred in from other institutions. These courses are necessary prerequisites of courses required for associate's and bachelor's degrees. Undergraduate students have 30 credit hours their first academic year at Adams State University to complete these courses in order to continue enrollment. Please call 719-587-7969 concerning these courses.

Developmental/remedial courses at Adams State are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. They may not, however, be used to meet graduation requirements per CDHE and institutional policy. These courses are used to determine financial aid status and academic/athletic eligibility as earned hours for freshmen.

Colorado Department of Higher Education requires that all developmental/remedial coursework be taken within the first 30 credit hours of enrollment.