Students are responsible for the fulfillment of graduation requirements. Academic advising is available to students who are undecided about their academic major. Students will need to work closely with their academic advisor after a major/minor has been declared. Some students will need more than one advisor, particularly students seeking teacher licensure.

Applications for graduation are available in the One Stop Student Services Center, department chair offices, or on the Graduation web page. Students should submit a copy of the completed application form to the office of the department chair in which their first major is located. The original should be submitted to the assistant registrar the semester before the semester in which the student plans to graduate but no later than August 31 for fall, January 31 for spring and June 1 for summer graduation (or the next business day if these dates fall on a weekend or a holiday). Students pursuing the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree should submit a copy of their application for graduation to Academic Advising. A late fee of $20 will be imposed on applications received after February/September for spring/fall graduation, respectively. After review by the department chair or vice president of Academic Affairs, the copy of the application and supporting documentation will then be forwarded to the assistant registrar for final approval. All supporting documentation must be on file in the Records Office before the student will be approved for graduation.