The grading of student learning is solely an instructor right and responsibility. Students are expected to read the course syllabus provided by their instructor at the start of each semester, complete each assignment, and communicate with their instructors frequently. If a student believes his/her final grade in a course does not fairly reflect his/her performance, the student must follow this appeals process. Initially, the student should meet informally with the instructor to attempt to resolve the concern. If this informal consultation does not resolve the issue, the student should request a formal meeting with the department chair and the faculty member. In the event the disagreement is not resolved after either of these two levels of appeal, a final formal appeal may be made to the vice president for Academic Affairs (VPAA). The VPAA may request appropriate written materials from the instructor and also request that the student explain his/her reasons for the appeal in writing. The VPAA's decision is final. Only the relevant instructor, or the VPAA in extraordinary circumstances (such as the death/departure of the instructor), may alter the original grade awarded. Appeals not in process prior to the midterm of the following semester shall have no standing, and the grade awarded shall remain in effect. Off campus students may submit a written appeal in lieu of a meeting with the department chair and VPAA.