A limited number of Adams State University graduate assistantships are available to students who have been admitted to master’s degree programs and are enrolled full time in on-campus courses. The assistantships are competitive and include stipends and partial tuition waivers for fall and spring semesters. Graduate assistants dedicate approximately 20 hours per week to duties and responsibilities as assigned by the appropriate department chair.

Graduate assistants must maintain a graduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher, must maintain full-time student status each semester, and must perform their assistantship assignments in a satisfactory manner. Assistantships are awarded on a year-to-year basis, and students must apply each year. Graduate assistantships are awarded at the recommendation of the appropriate department chair or director and at the discretion of the assistant vice president for Graduate Studies and Institutional Planning. An assistantship may be withdrawn at the end of any semester at the discretion of the chair or director. The department chair or director supervises the activities of the graduate assistant as part of the student’s educational experience. In no case will an assistantship be awarded to the same student for more than three years.

Graduate assistantships are first and foremost for the educational benefit of the student, and any benefit to the university is merely incidental. Stipends and partial tuition waivers associated with graduate assistantships are in the nature of financial aid for the purpose of meeting the student’s educational objectives. Students who desire to be graduate assistants must complete a Graduate Assistantship Application and submit it to the Graduate School. Application forms are available in the Graduate School or online at gradschool.adams.edu. Applying for a graduate assistantship does not guarantee a student will be granted a position.