Senior students may take courses for graduate credit if their undergraduate cumulative grade point average is at least 2.75. Graduate credit earned during this period may not be applied to the undergraduate degree. Consent of the student's advisor and department chair is required. The approval process should be initiated with the Graduate School. Students are classified undergraduate and are assessed undergraduate tuition for all courses. However, graduate-level courses are not eligible for COF, the College Opportunity Fund stipend.

Lower-division courses (100 and 200 numbers) may not be used for graduate credit. A maximum of nine credits of upper-division courses (300 and 400 numbers) may be taken for graduate credit in a master's degree, initial teaching license, or endorsement program, with special permission from the department chair. Students must obtain prior approval of the instructor and the chair of the appropriate department. Failure to obtain advanced approval will result in the course being disapproved for graduate credit.