Undergraduate Student Withdrawal

If an undergraduate student plans to withdraw from enrollment at Adams State, the student must initiate the complete withdrawal through the Office of Student Affairs in Richardson Hall Room 234. Failure to contact the Office of Student Affairs for complete withdrawal will result in unapproved withdrawal from all courses, forfeiture of any refund of fees for which the student may be eligible and may result in failing grades for the semester. Students who fail to officially withdraw will still be registered, continue to incur charges, and will have failing grades posted at the end of the semester. All requests to withdraw must be in writing (i.e., signature on withdrawal form, email, or fax). Any reasons for complete withdrawal after the date to be identified by the registrar as the last day to completely withdraw from all classes will require verification by the Office of Student Affairs for the student to receive a non-punitive grade of W. Students who are eligible for the COF stipend will have reduced their available COF hours upon withdrawal by the total number of eligible hours in which they were enrolled.

Graduate Student Withdrawal

Prior to dropping or withdrawing from graduate coursework, individuals should consider the impact a course drop/withdrawal will have on grades, tuition & fees, and federal financial aid. Students considering dropping courses and/or withdrawing from a graduate program are encouraged to review the Graduate School's withdrawal information to make a well-informed decision. If a registered student elects to drop a course or withdrawal from a program, the student must follow the proper drop/withdrawal procedure