The Associated Students and Faculty Senate is the student governing body founded to promote cooperation between the students and faculty. AS&F Senate is made up of student and faculty representatives who are responsible for allocating funds to projects which improve the state of the campus. Each student who pays college service fees is a member of AS&F upon registration.

Elected officers of the student body and elected faculty members make up the AS&F Senate and are the point of contact for recommending matters pertaining to student life. There are two seats open to incoming freshmen on the AS&F Senate. The general social life, social programs, and other student activities of the college are directed through various arms of the AS&F Senate. The AS&F Senate is also a policy-recommending body to the college president.

Residence Hall Councils: Each residence hall has a governing council. The council assists the residence hall director in recommending policies pertaining to student life within the residence halls. The Residence Hall Council assists in coordinating functions among residence halls.

The due dates for petitions and platforms and the election date are published in the Paw Print. Inquiries about AS&F can be made to the AS&F Office, Student Union Building or phone 719-587-7948.