The National Student Exchange, a domestic parallel to study abroad, is the only comprehensive, university-level, tuition-reciprocal, student exchange program in the United States. Now with university partners in Canada, NSE's exchange sites reflect a diverse group of nearly 180 universities in 48 states, the District of Columbia, three U.S. territories, and five Canadian provinces. These universities have joined NSE to share their resources and to expand student experiences and academic programs in exciting and cost-effective ways.

NSE provides to its member institutions:

  • Expansion of course offerings
  • Assistance with multicultural objectives
  • Enhancement of recruitment and retention initiatives
  • Potential for inter-campus joint programming
  • Access to numerous international programs of member campuses
  • Exchange among university honors programs
  • Resident assistant exchanges
  • Access to internships and research options
  • Tuition reciprocity
  • Portability of federally funded financial aid 

Founded in 1968, NSE is a not-for-profit, membership consortium which has placed more than 75,000 students. The National Student Exchange provides inter-institutional exchange/study opportunities whereby students may grow academically and personally as well as develop a greater appreciation for the diversity of our country and culture. The program is a model for sharing of academic resources among a nationwide network of colleges and universities. A major benefit of NSE is expanded academic opportunities for students.

Since 1968, NSE membership has grown as has its scope, mission, and service to member universities and exchange students. Throughout these years, NSE continues to be recognized for its unique contribution to the higher education community and for its vision, caring, professionalism, and quality service. For more information, please contact the coordinator of student activities at 719-587-8191 or visit