“Great Stories Begin Here” is not simply a slogan at Adams State University. For our thousands of successful graduates, it's reality. They've experienced for themselves how a college education creates new possibilities. We became a university in August 2012, meaning that your diploma will carry more weight in the job market. “University” accurately reflects the quality and breadth of our graduate and undergraduate programs.

photo - Dr. David SvaldiA bachelor's degree is a basic requirement for most professional careers, and it results in $1 million more in lifetime earnings. But the true value of a higher education is in the empowerment it brings. The knowledge, growth, choices, and relationships developed over the course of earning a bachelor's degree allow you to author your own "Great Story."

Adams State's first priority is helping students achieve success. We were founded to bring higher education opportunities to rural Colorado. Adams State is particularly ideal for first-generation and minority students.

  • Adams State's great professors truly care about their students. Teaching comes first. 
  • Adams State has the most affordable resident tuition in Colorado. Our admissions and financial aid offices aim to give students the maximum aid possible. 
  • Adams State is not just a university, it's a community. Campus visitors are impressed with how our faculty, staff, and the surrounding community all support our students.

Adams State University is a special place that can help to transform your life. Successful ASU graduates are able to control their lives, rather than life controlling them. Our average class size is 18 students, and nearly all of the classes you will take on ASU's campus will be taught by full-time faculty with the highest degree in their discipline. They will get to know you by your first name, and they will be available for out of class tutoring, assistance, and advice.

I cannot promise that all of your courses will be easy - they will not be - there is no “easy button” in college. I can promise you, that if you study hard and work with your teachers that your life will be transformed. Four-year university graduates are critical thinkers who vote at a higher rate than non-college graduates, are engaged in their communities, earn at least $1 million more during their work life, and practice healthier life styles.

Adams State University is the place for you if you prefer small class size, want instruction by professors whose only job is to teach, want to get to know your professors out of class, and desire to gain all the advantages of a four-year university education in a comfortable, small town environment.

Thank you for considering Adams State University, and welcome!

Dr. David Svaldi, President