Chairperson: David MacWilliams, Ph.D.
Email: dcmacwil AT adams DOT edu
Telephone: (719) 587-7800    
Professor(s): Aaron Abeyta, M.F.A.; Richard Baker, Ph.D.; David MacWilliams, Ph.D.   
Assoc. Professor(s): Beth Bonnstetter, Ph.D.   
Asst. Professor(s): Robert Affeldt, Ph.D.; Paul Echeverria, M.F.A.; Katherine Gubbels, Ph.D.; Leah McCormack, Ph.D.; Eden Wales Freedman, Ph.D.   
Instructors: Peter Anderson (Adjunct); Kathleen Chavez (Adjunct); Philip Jack (Adjunct); Lynnea Chapman King (Adjunct); Dave Wreford (Adjunct)   

The Department of English, Theatre and Communication prepares students to communicate in a new century.

The English program offers a variety of emphases that ready students to engage the world on a number of different levels. The liberal arts emphasis provides a rich and broad study in literature, criticism, and effective writing. This knowledge prepares students for graduate studies or careers in business, government, and more specialized fields such as public relations and advertising. The mass communication emphasis prepares students to enter the exciting world of print or broadcast journalism; students gain real-world experience working on the student newspaper or the campus radio station. The secondary education emphasis, a combined degree with teacher education, prepares students to teach English at the high school level. The creative writing emphasis is the newest in the program. It allows students to explore their creativity while learning to write for many different audiences in many different genres.


Bachelor of Arts in English (Creative Writing)
Degree Requirements
Bachelor of Arts in English (Liberal Arts)
Degree Requirements
Bachelor of Arts in English (Mass Communication)
Degree Requirements
Bachelor of Arts in English (Secondary Teacher Licensure)
Degree Requirements
Minor in Creative Writing
All students are required to take:
In addition, three courses from the following must be selected:
In addition, one course from the following must be selected:
Minor in English
Major Themes in Lit GT-AH2
Completion of additional coursework to complete a total of 18 credit hours.
Minor in Mass Communication
Completion of the communication emphasis core requirements (15 hours) and one communication elective (18 hours total).
Literacy Emphasis for Elementary Education Licensure
Degree Requirements